We are currently working with a number of schools and MATs on conversions and growth plans. We provide support to governing bodies and headteacher groups in a number of different areas including :

  • Visioning – identifying the options available to the group and the desired outcomes.
  • Strategic Planning – how will the schools within the MAT work together to achieve common goals and outstanding outcomes for children.
  • Operational Planning – how will the schools harmonise policies and procedures whilst recognising the individuality of each school.
  • Project Managing the academy conversion process and supporting the formation of the MAT
  • HR Audit – to identify areas of common approach and potential issues relating to policy differences and staff equality.
  • Policy Harmonisation.
  • TUPE
  • Business Planning – looking at the implications of future expansion of the MAT.

An Innovative 3 Year Strategy for Growth and Stability in your Multi-Acadent Trust

We’ve created an innovative 3 year strategy for building capacity and stability in a Multi-Academy Trust. Whether you’re forming a trust, joining an existing one or already in a well established MAT this 3 year strategy will enable you to grow a fully self-sufficient MAT with a strong base for continued and sustainable growth.

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