Are you forming a Multi-Academy Trust or converting to an Academy?

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service-hr-contracts-for-schools-wideWhen forming a Multi-Academy trust or converting to an Academy we know it is essential that the following questions receive detailed consideration:

  • Visioning and Planning

    • How will our vision and ethos impact on our role as an employer?
    • What type of employer do we want to be?  If the answer is an ‘employer of choice’ what does that mean in reality?
    • What will be our approach to issues such as probationary periods, standard or non-standard contracts, pay and rewards?

  • HR Auditing

    • Is our current policy framework legally compliant?
    • Do we have absolute confidence in safeguarding and safer recruitment processes?
    • Across the MAT are people with the same job titles doing the same work for the same pay? If not, what do we need to do?

  • Staffing Structures

    • Are current staffing structures appropriate for an academy or MAT context?
    • Do we need to consider the appointment of a CEO, Finance Director, HR Manager to manage matters at Trust level?
    • How will Trust wide challenges be resolved and how will important decisions be signed off?
  • Roles and Responsibilities

    • Do current job descriptions need to be updated, reviewed or revised in light of changing accountabilities?
    • How will performance management be managed in the context of a Multi-Academy Trust?
    • What will governance look like in the schools across the MAT?
    • Will some staff responsibilities need to change significantly and if so how do we manage this?
  • Reviewing Terms and Conditions

    • Do we want to use amended staff terms and conditions to introduce a rewards package for outstanding performance?
    • Will we need to harmonise staff terms and conditions to ensure compliance with the equalities legislation?
  • TUPE

    • Do we understand the TUPE process?
    • Have we made provision to be supported by an organisation with TUPE experience?
    • Are there any potential complications with the TUPE process because of our particular circumstances?
  • Policy Harmonisation

    • Are our policies up-to-date and legally compliant?
    • Do the policies in use in individual schools vary? If so what are the implications of this?
    • Will we need additional policies to reflect academy status?

Do you need support answering the above questions?
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Enlightened HR has supported the development of numerous Free Schools and has an outstanding track record of working with schools converting to an Academy. We have also advised both small and large Multi-Academy Trusts on their HR strategy.

HR services for Multi Academy Trust

What services do Enlightened HR offer to MATs and Academies?

Service Contracts

  • Unlimited telephone support.
  • Documentation and correspondence service.
  • Days on site.
  • Free HR audit for all new clients.

Access HR

An essential HR information and CPD portal for school administrators stepping up to academy business management.

Additional HR Services

  • Management of complex casework.
  • Grievance and misconduct investigations
  • Employment Law advice.
  • DBS and pre-employment checks.
  • Senior Leadership recruitment planning.
  • Interim Management

Enlightened HR Guarantee

  • Unlimited advice
  • Fast response from our highly qualified staff
  • We empower staff and do not create dependancy
  • We offer strategic and preventative advice – an end to firefighting
  • Excellent value for money with day rates up to 20% less than many of our competitors

At Enlightened HR we recognise that people are a school’s most important asset and staff management is at the heart of any school improvement initiative.

forming-a-multi-academy-trust-mobile-converting-to-an-academy-conversions HR services for Multi Academy Trust