Where a school is joining an existing Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) looking at potential liabilities and risks is an important step. Due diligence is not just about financial risks, there are many staffing issues that need to be reviewed. An audit by an experienced Education HR provider can quickly uncover potential risks to the MAT.

Due Diligence should be a two-way process. The MAT should be gauging its liabilities in the new school but the converting school should also be considering the implications for its staff of joining a particular MAT.

due diligence joining a MAT Education HR provider

The most successful MATs are clear where the change management implications lie in expansion and what needs to be done differently as expansion takes place.  We have run audits, reviews and due diligence exercises for a range of school providers from HR support during TUPE to curriculum and operational analysis.

Due diligence through a HR audit will consider a variety of risks such as:

  • a review of job roles and comparison with structures in the MAT;
  • the need for harmonization of policies with those of the MAT;
  • any on-going absence management issues;
  • any staff capability issues; and
  • any outstanding or unresolved grievances.

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