We offer holistic Education HR Services designed to build capacity and engineer out problems before they arise…


To provide schools, academies and trusts with a truly holistic ICT-HR-learning-social-media-in-schools-Services-academy-conversions Education HR Servicesapproach to HR. We enhance your School’s internal HR capacity by empowering your people. Our aim is to be leaders of best practice, engineering out problems before they arise by identifying and managing risk. We take the pro-active approach and engage with your staff.


Strategic Alignment – Our overarching goal is to work alongside you to deliver your vision and ethos.

Integrity – We take responsibility for the outcomes you entrust to us, show respect for your vision and focus on delivering positive outcomes.

Transparency – Our team is committed to open communications that respect everyone with whom we work.

Excellence – We use our professional experience to help you engineer out common errors and manage potential risk.

Practical Innovation – We consistently seek to deliver creative solutions through an approach that is both inquisitive and inventive.

Rigour and Depth – We deploy our considerable experience to achieve thoughtful, comprehensive and sophisticated solutions that are accurate, dependable and legally compliant.

Empathy – Our team members always deliver services in a caring and individualised way, acknowledging cultural and spiritual differences.

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