Joining a MAT part 8 – Identifying Partner Schools

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This article is part of a series and follows on from “Joining a MAT part 7 – Updating and Harmonising Policies” which looks into the often over looked yet essential process of policy updates and harmonisation.

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Identifying your Partner Schools

Those of you seriously considering forming a MAT will have a fairly good idea of what you want to achieve and the vision for how it may work. However, if you haven’t had detailed conversations with other schools, there are a number of things you will want to consider, and that evidence shows, affect successful operation of the partnership.

If a representative has visited you from the Regional Schools Commissioners Office they will probably have discussed joining or forming a MAT and may well have suggested a suitable Trust or some potential partners. Remember that whatever you eventually apply to do will have to be approved by the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) and Head Teacher Board (HTB).

If you are already in a ‘family’ of schools, ‘pyramid’ or existing ‘cluster’ then these schools would seem the most obvious group to start discussions around forming or joining a MAT. Alternatively, if you are a faith school you may already be in discussions with the diocese about forming a MAT with other VA or VC schools …

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