Pre-Employment Checks – Safeguarding for Schools

In addition to our usual DBS disclosures, we are offering the following services to ensure our clients have absolute regulatory compliance with regard to employment and Safeguarding for Schools legislation.

Additional ServicesSafeguarding for Schools

  • Criminal Record Checks – Basic Disclosure
  • Directorship Checks
  • Qualifications Checks
  • Previous Employments Checks (including gaps in service checks)
  • Right to Work Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Sanction Checks (individuals who are prohibited from certain activities or industries)

It can be confusing knowing which checks to carry out as employers must stay within the rules laid out by legislation such as the Equality Act and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.  Therefore, your policies must set out clearly what checks are carried out on:

  • certain types of jobs (e.g. premises managers, finance administrator, etc.);
  • categories of applicant (e.g. non EU citizens where a work visa is required); or
  • individuals without a full employment history (e.g. gaps which are unexplained)

All policies should make it clear that it is certain job roles or categories of applicant where additional checks may be required prior to conformation of appointment.  It should be made equally clear that specific individuals will not selected for additional checks based on their ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
Clearly, some of the above checks would not be applicable to teachers or teaching assistants working in a classroom environment.  However, some of the checks may be advisable when employing individuals to key or critical roles where their impact on the organisation is at a strategic level.

We can assist you in the development of a best practice approach to pre-employment screening that is proportionate to the risk profile of the Trust, Academy or School.

Service Types and Costs

[table width=”700px”]
5 year employment check with gaps,£85.00
5 year reference (employment/education only) ,£70.00
3 year employment check with gaps,£65.00
3 year reference check,£50.00
1 year employment check with gaps,£45.00
1 year reference check,£35.00
2 references only,£30.00
Criminal Record Check (Basic Disclosure),£35.00
Professional Membership Check,£12.00
Qualification Check,£12.00
UK Credit Report,£10.00
Sanctions Check,£10.00
Passport Check (RTW check),£8.00